How to Reduce Risk & Workplace Toxicity with Social Media Literacy for Professionals 

Businesses today depend on social media to build their brand, connect with customers, and attract talent. Yet many employees fail to make the connection of building and maintaining a positive personal brand for themselves which impacts the brand of their company of whom they represent.

This free white paper explains why it’s essential for companies to close the social media literacy and skills gap.  Discover why responsible social media use matters for your business and employees and how to implement training to align social media activity with your brand's values.

What you'll learn

This white paper provides administrators with practical insights on:
  • The connection between social media activity and personal branding
  • Social Media Literacy skills gap (no "s")
  • Consequences to higher education and career opportunities
  • Gray areas with differing interpretations of laws and policies
  • Behavioral trends of connecting online with colleagues and co-workers 

Whether you're a business leader or professional, this white paper will provide the insights you need to foster social media literacy. Download now to help your employees become more responsible and empowered promoters of your brand online!